Slovenia Countryside Travel Tips + Photos

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Top Things to do in Slovenia:

There are plenty of things to do in Slovenia to keep you busy for a good couple of weeks. Slovenia’s top sites are:
1. Ljubljana – vibrant and pedestrian-friendly capital city.
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2. Lake Bled and area – extremely picturesque but very touristy, particularly in summer months.
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3. Postojna Cave – a stunning cave system that is 24 kilometres long and is one the top highlights of Slovenia.
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4. Predjama Castle – a medieval castle carved in the mouth of a rock cave. Really cool.
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5. Piran – ski the Slovenian Alps.
6. Logar Valley – great place for hikes in spring months.
7. Skocjan caves – one of only three caves in the world to get a UNESCO Heritage Site designation.
8. Soca River – an emerald green river that is a fantastic place for watersports.
9. Wine-tasting in Vipava Valley – Slovenian wine is actually quite fantastic!
10. Triglav National Park – hike Slovenia’s only national park.

Lake Bled is Stunning!

Lake Bled, 45 minutes’ drive northwest from Ljubljana, is one of Slovenia’s most famous sites. It is a glacier-fed lake with stunningly cobalt-blue waters. In the middle of the lake is Lake Bled Island and Church of the Mother of God on the Lake. Going in Spring and Autumn is especially beautiful.

Beware, Lake Bled is also very touristy. However, I must warn you that Lake Bled also one of Slovenia’s most touristy sites. I went in late April, not quite peak tourist season, and even then it was really, really busy. Most of the tourists that I saw were from China who came in really large groups. For many Asian tourists, Slovenia is an inexpensive destination and therefore a popular one. The problem with large groups on Lake Bled island is that it takes away from the sereneness of the experience. When I am out in nature, I like to see and hear, few people. A beautiful place like this is best experienced in a quiet, contemplative environment. My honest opinion is sharing the experience with hundreds of people does take away some of the charms of the place.

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Should you skip Lake Bled? I don’t think so. It is extremely beautiful so do check it out. But keep your expectations in check. If you are looking something more peaceful, recommend that you visit Lake Bled and then go check out Lake Bohinj, which is far less touristy. Granted Lake Bohinj is not as pretty or as big. But this way you get the best of both worlds. Big and beautiful Lake Bled and less touristy and peaceful Lake Bohinj.

Absolutely don’t miss Postojna Caves!

My personal favourite activity in Slovenia was the Postojna Caves, which is 1 hour southwest from Ljubljana.

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What’s so special about the Postojna Cave? Postojna Cave is one of the best-known cave systems in the world. What is really cool about the Postjana Cave is that it contains endless varieties of weird and wonderful karst shapes. Karst shapes form when limestone, dolomite, and gypsum rocks dissolve very slowly. It takes over thousands and some even millions of years to form. There are literally thousands of very cool shapes, some which have naturally dissolved to resembles flowers, animals and human forms!

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Don’t forget a light jacket. The tour of Postojna Cave starts with a train ride into the cave system, during which you go through different ‘galleries’. You then get off the train and do a guided walk, provided in several languages, through stalagmite studded caverns. And then you end up at the point where you started. It is always quite cool in the cave regardless of the time of the year, so take a light jacket.

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A Castle, on top of a hill, carved inside a rock!

Predjama Castle is really cool! Just a 20-minute drive from Postojna Cave is the Predjama Castle. So it is easy to combine the two for a day trip.

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Predjama is a 13th-century castle with an interesting legend!
One of the most interesting castles I have visited. Usually, insides of castles like this are disappointing. They tend to be barren or filled with tritely dressed dummies. However, Predjama Castle is different. First of all, it is carved inside a cave. And there a number of secret passages, nooks and crannies you have to walk through navigate. Plus, the legend of Knight Erazem Lueger is pretty interesting. He was a robber baron, a sort of Slovenian Robin Hood, who used to hide in this impregnable castle. He was killed while he was, ahem, relieving himself. His servant betrayed him by signalling to his enemies when Erazem was his most vulnerable. A single cannon, while Erazem was sitting on the commode led to this death.

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