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A big, big continent and consisting of only 3 countries. Oh, but what glorious 3 countries!

Canada (unmatched natural beauty, friendliest people, my homeland), USA (dazzling, glamorous, the most powerful state on earth) and Mexico (beautiful, ancient, the most perfect country to add flavour, fiesta and pizazz to the North American mix).

Travelling to any one of these 3 countries cannot be done in one short visit. The best way to truly appreciate North America, and to explore all its diverse and rewarding sights is to be fortunate enough to live there or take multiple trips throughout your lifetime.

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North America
Travel Guide for North America
  • Known for its outstanding gastronomy, beaches, mezcal (a cousin of tequila), well-preserved culture, Oaxaca province is one of Mexico's most rewarding destinations. ...