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What I liked about Oman

If you have not yet been to the Middle East, then Oman is the perfect place to start.

In a region where you will find excessive wealth (UAE, Saudi Arabia) or abject poverty (Yemen, Iraq), Oman is the perfect ‘middle of the road’ country for a first timer’s visit to the Middle East. It is safe, has an astounding amount of natural beauty, fantastic beaches, people are welcoming, the weather is great most time of the year and an easy place to travel around in.

Oman is not the flashiest country in the region, but it should be. It has plenty of reasons to boast. Oman is one of my favourite countries, and though it is not a cheap destination, I think it is well worth the cost.

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Oman Travel Tips + Photos
  • Start your tour of Oman in the capital city of Muscat. The city is also a good place to do some day trips....

  • Oman is a geological wonder. If you like majestic mountains and dramatic landscapes, then there are few places in the world like Oman. Read on to find...

  • No trip is Oman is complete without a visit to the Musandam Peninsula, the lesser visited part of Oman. Arabian fjords, swim with dolphins in the wild...