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What I liked about Spain?

Before going, I imagined Spain to be an easy going country with sun, beaches, passion, flamenco, tapa, great wines, and siestas… all the positive stereotypes that people typically associate with Spain. Boy, I was wrong. Yes, Spain is a country where these stereotypes can be found aplenty. But it is also a country that is way more diverse, has way more culture and is way more beautiful than I imagined.

I have fallen in love with Spain and it has quickly become my go-to country. This is in part because the stereotypes (sun, beaches, passion, Flamenco and siestas) are true; in part due to its stunning diversity; in part, because Spain is just easy place to travel around in; and above all, a very affordable place to travel in western Europe.

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Spain Travel Tips + Photos
  • Spain is a single country in name only. It is a decentralized state, composed of 17 autonomous communities. Click here to see my Photos and read more...