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What I liked about Slovenia?

When I tell people how much I love Europe, the response I often get is “I would love to go to Europe but it is so expensive”. If you are one of those people that think that a memorable trip to Europe will break the bank, let me introduce you to Slovenia, a tiny nation bordering Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

Slovenia is both affordable and magical and one of my all-time favourites in Europe! Everything you would want in a satisfying European vacation is in Slovenia: culture, history, great food, fantastic wines, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, beautiful people, thumping nightlife… And best of it, all of it is really affordable!

Read on to get to know Slovenia, get my Travel Tips and see my Photos.

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Slovenia Travel Tips
  • Ljubljana, one of the cleanest and pedestrian-friendly cities in Europe. Enjoy great food, wine, eclectic architecture. Or just simply sit a cafe, sip...

  • Slovenia has been generously blessed by mother nature. Glacier-fed lakes, snow-capped mountains, picturesque countryside, castles and 10,000 caves!...