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What I liked about Japan

Ah, Japan! The epitome of what a civilized society should be.

In 2017, a train running between Tokyo and Tsukuba left 20 seconds earlier than its scheduled departure time. The event was national news and the railway company issued an official apology to its customers, expressing remorse over the mishap of 20 seconds. Oh, the shame, the shame. This to me is so Japan!

Organized and Efficient. Polite and Humble. Pristine. Quality over Quantity. Harmony. Reverence for nature and tradition. Yet, astonishingly modern and always striving to change and improve.

I found that in Japan, if someone undertakes to make something (food, clothing, art), then they must take the time to prepare it expertly. Good enough is not good enough. There is always, ‘how can I make this better’?

If it sounds like I am impressed by Japan, well, I am. Japan is highly impressive.

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