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Why Africa is Amazing

“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it?” (Brian Jackman)

Most people who travel to the great African continent, especially from North America, do so for safaris. It is understandable as the safaris in Africa are nothing, absolutely nothing, like anywhere else in the world. But Africa is way, way, way more!

People tend to mistakenly believe that Africa, a vast continent with 54 countries, is homogenous. And also, many hold the mistaken belief that Africa is poor, war-ravaged and unsafe. Let me tell you, nothing can be further from the truth!

Even if a safari is not on your radar, I implore you to go to this magnificent continent!

Africa is astoundingly diverse and yes, while some small pockets are poor, war-ravaged and unsafe, the vast majority is beautiful, clean, stable and populated by hard working, honest and hospitable people.

The continent where humanity originated, Africa has some of the world’s oldest and grandest sights. World’s oldest desert (Namibia), some of the highest mountains peaks on the planet (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania), drop-dead gorgeous beaches (Seychelles), tantalizing food (Morocco), word class wine (Stellenbosch) and of course, exotic and untamed wildlife in abundance.

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Africa Travel Tips
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